Vastu Shastra principles when creating a home.

Vastu Shastra principles when creating a home

You must adhere to the Vastu Shastra principles when creating a home.

You know, a house isn’t simply a place to protect from the elements; it’s also where the heart is. It is an essential component of our way of life and is closely related to our emotions.

It’s not as simple as it seems to build a house. It’s a choice that you’ll live with forever. We all aspire to build a stunning, alluring, warm, and sturdy home that reflects our preferences and character. The process of building a house can, however, occasionally be a little difficult. It’s normal for us to make mistakes when building a house because we haven’t done it before, especially when many of us are doing it for the first time.

In this situation, before constructing a home, architect Laila Shrestha spoke with an internet news source about a variety of design and engineering consulting issues.

What should we take into account when designing or building a house?

Prior to anything else, it’s crucial to be certain about the function and application of the structure you’re building. The architecture should inspire residents with good feelings and thoughts beyond just being a place to live.

Additionally, it’s important to consider the family’s needs and budget while planning the construction or design of a home and develop a design that fits those parameters. The right design can be created in accordance with judgments made regarding the location, construction techniques, anticipated expenses, and materials to be used.

What style of architecture is popular right now for houses?

The design of a home, however, differs depending on the tastes of the family who resides there. Each person has a unique character and set of interests, and their homes reflect this diversity. Regardless of personality, people typically select a home that appeals to their sense of style. These days, both traditional designs and those that include contemporary aspects are highly popular. Such designs frequently include artistic embellishments to make them distinctive.

Can a home’s design change depending on the family’s line of work or business?

Absolutely! It is true that a home’s design might change depending on the profession or line of work of the family. Even though standard rooms like the living room, bedrooms, kitchen, and bathrooms continue to be found in most homes, their size, arrangement, and furnishings can be modified to meet the unique demands of the family members depending on their occupations. For instance, if a person works as a photographer, their home may include a studio or a gallery of photographs. Similarly to this, a teacher might have a small library or a comfortable reading area. People’s choices in home design are influenced by their interests and vocations.

For some occupations, having a well-constructed and practical home is essential. For instance, professionals who frequently host customers and colleagues may require a home with enough room for meetings and visitors. Similar to how having a calm and motivating environment is important for writers and poets.

What form of house plan would be the most useful for lodging?

There are other factors to consider besides window placement when choosing a home’s design. It entails taking the environment into account as well. The location and design of the home should suit the demands and tastes of the family. Once these variables are known, you may build windows and doors that not only improve the looks but also make living more pleasant.

What should be the main factor taken into account while designing windows, doors, balconies, and verandas for a house?

It’s important to keep the house’s architectural style and location in mind when building windows and doors for it. The placement of windows and doors should allow for adequate ventilation and light in the living areas.

Where should doors, windows, balconies, and verandas be placed?

It is crucial to consider where windows and doors should be located in a home, both for safety and aesthetic reasons. When opening the main door, one should also take into account the view from within. The bedroom door, for instance, shouldn’t open straight into the bed.

Emergency situations, such as car accidents or earthquakes, should be designed in a way that allows for a speedy and safe escape. When designing balconies, one should take the house’s overall design into account. It can be built to be open or enclosed depending on the location of the house and the view from the balcony. An open balcony might be more appropriate in a hot climate, whereas an enclosed balcony might be better in a cold climate.

Verandas ought to be positioned in a way that makes it simple to access all of the rooms. Additionally, they should be designed in a way that complements the house’s motif, including the use of clocks.

Vastu Shastra principles when creating a home

How closely must an architect work with Vastu, the science behind architecture?

When designing, an architect, who is frequently referred to as a “Vastuvid” in this context, should preferably work with the Vastu science. Many customers today place a high value on designs that follow the principles of Vastu. As an architect, I make an effort to incorporate some Vastu principles into the design, even if the client doesn’t directly mention it.

What should I think about when constructing a home on a tiny piece of land?

The price of the property is the first factor to take into account while constructing a home on a tiny plot of land. Typically, homes are built on plots of land measuring three to five “Aanas” (a unit of land measurement). Thus, careful planning is necessary to maximize the area that is accessible. Cost-saving construction methods and proper space usage can help keep expenses low. Selecting the right building materials is also crucial. Making use of readily available, reasonably priced resources is essential. Another good strategy is to stay away from luxuries that are not necessary or from components that do not enhance the overall design.

What should be taken into account when renovating a home?

When remodeling a home, sometimes referred to as “Rinobheshan,” one should pay close attention to the structure’s type and location. There shouldn’t be any structural concerns or obstructions caused by the remodeling. When remodeling, it’s important to make sure the building fits the client’s needs and price range.

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